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Dear Trinity Adult Studies Business Alums,

As the cold days of winter have set in, I was thinking about many of you.  I was thinking about you driving to campus after working all day, in not all too perfect weather, and sitting in class(es)  one or more nights a week working on completing your degree.   I hope that all is well with you.  I wanted to take this opportunity to mention a couple of things.  True to my history, I still am writing in bullet points, so bear me with me one more time.

*         Here is a link to provide any updates such as mailing addresses, status changes such as marriage  or having children, or even if you have moved on to a grad program or a  different residence.  http://www.trnty.edu/alumupdate .

*         Rick and I would love to hear from you to learn about the happenings in your life.  You were an important part of Trinity and our lives and we were grateful to have worked with you to help you accomplish your goals.  In case you've forgotten our email addresses, they are rick.riddering at trnty.edu<mailto:rick.riddering at trnty.edu> and Kathy.davis at trnty.edu<mailto:Kathy.davis at trnty.edu>.

*         If by chance you may have just a few courses remaining towards completing your degree, we now offer some reasonably priced foundational/general education courses (current price $399)  for the adult student that might enable you to finish up.  Contact sandy.aggen at trnty.edu<mailto:sandy.aggen at trnty.edu>,  Rick or I if you have any questions.

God's blessings to you.

Kathy Davis
Coordinator of the Adult Studies Business Program

I Tim 2:5- "For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus who gave himself as a ransom for all men - the testimony given in its proper time."

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